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Proxinized Rebirth Community Update: 11/27/2023

We're bursting with excitement to share the incredible journey we've been on together! "Saturday Night Fever Dream" on October 28, 2023, was nothing short of magical. The mind-blowing sets by our very own R3TR0ZO and Vertex Remedy created an unforgettable experience, and the show exceeded all expectations. A massive shoutout to our sponsors – Haunted Highway, MoKi, and SLV Apothecary – your support made this night extraordinary.

Proxinized Rebirth Season 3

Get ready to elevate your style because Proxinized Rebirth Season 3 merchandise is dropping on Friday, December 1, 2023. Brace yourselves for a line up of 60 new products available exclusively on From hoodies to hats, we've got your Prox drip covered.

Welcoming New Artists

We're thrilled to welcome two talented artists into the Proxinized Rebirth family. Taylor Chris, hailing from Center Colorado, and RYLVX from Center Colorado have been making waves in the SLV Community, and it's an honor to collaborate with such visionary artists. Taylor Chris recently released his latest single, "Slopes," captivating audiences across all platforms and out now on Proxinized Rebirth Recordings.

Proxinized Network Upgrades

Change is in the air for the Proxinized Network! We're working diligently on significant updates to our Discord server, enhancing the community experience for all our Prox enthusiasts. Get ready for more engagement, exclusive content, and a tighter platform Prox Fam.

2024 Proxinized Rebirth Colorado Tour – The Cosmic Valley Tour

Mark your calendars for a musical odyssey in 2024! "The Cosmic Valley Tour" is set to feature a stellar lineup, including R3TR0ZO, K4NTR1P, RYLVX, Taylor Chris, Vertex Remedy, and surprise artists from each town. Stay tuned for more details – it's going to be a cosmic journey through the Rockies!

Heartfelt Thanks to the Prox Fam and KRZA 88.7

A colossal shoutout to the Prox Fam – your unwavering support fuels our passion. To KRZA 88.7, thank you for hosting us on air over the past months. It's been an absolute pleasure contributing to the vibrant SLV Music Scene.

As we ride this wave of musical adventure, remember – it's not just about the beats; it's about the community we've built together. Here's to more moments, more music, and the indomitable spirit of Proxinized Rebirth!

- Vertex Remedy & The Proxinized Team

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