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Proxinized Rebirth Community Update: 7/27/2023

Proxinized Rebirth Community Update: 7/27/2023

Welcome to the Proxinized Community Update where we keep our Proxinized family informed on all our latest work and exciting news of what is to come. We have been hard at work to bring our artists and creators the best tools, connections, and content that Proxinized Rebirth has to offer. Our vision at Proxinized Rebirth Records is to provide a positive and professional environment for our artists, creators and team. Thank you all for your time and we look forward to a powerful 2023 full of positivity, dedication, and support.

Proxinized Rebirth has consistently motivated and collaborated with artists within the SLV Community. It is with great pleasure that we announce our highly anticipated Proxinized Rebirth event, Remedy & Friends III! The event features captivating performances by Count Kush, G-Stylez, Taylor Chris, RYLVX, and the esteemed headliner, Vertex Remedy. Cascading an ambiance of artistic brilliance, this event will be held at Centennial Park, located on 516 State Ave, Alamosa Colorado 81101. The festivities will commence at 5:00 PM MST and conclude at 10:00 PM MST. Although attendance is complimentary, generous donations are graciously accepted. We cordially invite you to join us and our talented artists on August 18, 2023.

We take great pride in unveiling the opening of Proxinized Rebirth's demo box. As a diverse multi-genre network, Proxinized Rebirth Records embraces artists from all genres, extending a warm welcome to one and all. Should you possess a demo that holds potential, we kindly request its submission to In order to foster a fostering environment of positivity and growth, we will dedicate a live demo session on platforms such as Twitch, Facebook, or The Proxinized Network where valuable constructive feedback will be offered to our esteemed artists.

Proxinized Rebirth: Season 2 is fast approaching, heralding an array of captivating merchandise ready for release on August 4, 2023, via our official website, Season 2 will present a selection of carefully crafted items, including four exquisite hoodies, four elegant long sleeve shirts, three stylish hats, three captivating posters, two fashionable t-shirts, one sleek windbreaker, one trendy crop top t-shirt, one pair of comfortable leggings, two luxurious hardcover notebooks, one practical gym bag, and one wine tumbler. Mark your calendars, as all merchandise will become available for purchase on our website precisely at 12:00 AM MST on the mentioned date.

We are delighted to announce that the highly anticipated season 2 of Proxinized Rebirth: Off the Air & Proxinized Rebirth: Cosmic WAV will soon grace the airwaves, with fresh episodes hosted by Alonzo Herrera, available for streaming on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. As we gear up for this exciting new chapter, we extend our invitation to creators seeking exposure, as Alonzo Herrera is keen to conduct captivating interviews. If you are a creator eager to share your story, kindly reach out to Alonzo Herrera at for further information.

Proxinized Rebirth is pleased to announce the official launch of our GoFundMe campaign, aimed at securing the necessary funding to support our noble mission. We are dedicated to providing artists, constituents, and creators with the resources they require to turn their visions into reality. Operating under the Proxinized Rebirth banner, our primary goal is to amplify the voices of exceptionally talented artists and musicians. We achieve this by producing, promoting, and distributing extraordinary music that captivates and inspires our esteemed audience. Through the facilitation of our GoFundMe crowdfunding initiative, we strive to establish a direct connection with our valued supporters. In doing so, we empower them to actively participate in the creation and release of groundbreaking music. Our diverse catalog of meticulously curated content, accessible seamlessly across numerous platforms, endeavors to deliver a listening experience unparalleled in its quality. Additionally, we remain steadfast in our commitment to nurturing the growth and development of content creators, while also cultivating fruitful collaborations and offering unwavering support to individuals who share our creative vision.

We hope you'll continue to support Proxinized Rebirth in our mission to provide excellent music to fans, gamers and our community. Thank you for your constant support on Proxinized Rebirth Records.

Vertex Remedy & The Proxinized Team

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